2009, 4 minutes, Super 8, English, Horror


Written and Directed by Maude Michaud

Produced by Maude Michaud

Starring: Isabelle Stephen and Martin Plouffe

A look through the camera lens of a killer set on making a 'snuff' film.

        Made as part of the One Take Super 8 challenge




Ghouls on Film (Birmingham, UK) – February 2010

Women in Horror Film Festival (Athens, GA, USA) – February 2010 

Horror Society presents Women of Horror 2 Film Festival (Chicago, IL, USA) - May 2010 
Soirée A.Normale III (Montreal, QC, Canada) – May 2010
All Things Horror presents Women in Horror (Boston, MA, USA) – June 2010
A Nightmare to Remember International Film Festival (San Francisco, CA, USA) – June 2010   
Fantasia International Film Festival (Montreal, QC, Canada) – July 2010
Drunken Zombie Film Festival (Peoria, IL, USA) – November 2010
Festival des Maudits Films (Grenoble, France) – January 2011
Bleedfest Film Festival (Los Angeles, CA, USA) – April 2011
Mascara and Popcorn 2 (Montreal, QC, Canada) – November 2011


Brutal as Hell – Ben Bussey (February 2010)

All Things Horror – Mike Snoonian (May 2010)

Dorks without Face – Nick Perron (June 2010)

Char Hardin (July 2011)