2005, 9 minutes, 16mm, English, Horror


Written and Directed by Maude Michaud

Produced by Maude Michaud and Sandra Lombardi

Starring: Daniel Thomas, Caroline Hurteau and Thalia Harwood Farkhas

David's dreams are haunted by a strange woman. When he starts to see her in his daily waking life, he seriously starts to question his sanity.



Short Film Corner – Cannes Film Festival (Cannes, France) – May 2006

Wreck-Beach Film Festival (Barrie, ON, Canada) – August 2007

Soirée A.Normale II (Montreal, QC, Canada) – November 2009

Bleedfest Film Festival (Los Angeles, CA, USA) – April 2011

Mascara & Popcorn 2 (Montreal, QC, Canada) - November 2011


Char Hardin (July 2011)