2010, 10 minutes, HD, English, Body Horror

Written and Directed by Maude Michaud

Produced by Maude Michaud

Starring: Sucre à la Crème and Lisa di Capa

Laura moves to Hollywood, hoping to 'make it' as an actress, just like her friend Audrey. She slowly descends into madness as she accumulates rejections.

Made as part of I HATE L.A.



Pretty/Scary Bloodbath Film Festival (Addison, TX, USA) - February 2010

All Things Horror presents Women in Horror (Somerville, MA, USA) - June 2010

Fantasia International Film Festival
(Montreal, QC, Canada) - July 2010

Viscera Film Festival (Los Angeles, CA, USA) - July 2010

Festival des Maudits Film (Grenoble, France) - January 2011

Jennifer's Bodies Film Festival (Scotland, UK) - February 2011

Bleedfest Film Festival (Los Angeles, CA, USA) - April 2011

Mascara & Popcorn Film Festival (Montreal, QC, Canada) - July 2011

Soirée A. Normale vol. VI (Montreal, QC, Canada) - November 2011

Stiletto Film Festival (Leominster, MA) - February 2012

Philly Loves Women in Horror (Philadelphia, PA, USA) - February 2013


As part of the Viscera Film Festival Tour:

Sacramento Sci-Fi/Horror Film Festival (Sacramento, CA, USA) - September 2010

Viscera Film Festival in Athens (Athens, GA, USA) - February 2011

Plea for Peace Center (Stockton, CA, USA) - March 2011

Feminist Horror Film Festival (Northridge State University, CA, USA) - March 2011 and November 2011

Underground Horror Fest (UHFF) (Tulsa, OK, USA) - August 2011

Mascara & Popcorn 2 (Montreal, QC, Canada) - November 2011

Ann Arbor Horror Film Festival (Ann Arbor, MI, USA)  October 2011

Bad Granny's Bazaar - Viscera Tour (Oklahoma City, OK, USA) - January 2012

Viscera at Penn State University - Viscera Tour (Pennsylvania, PA, USA) - February 2012

Viscera at University College of Dublin (Dublin, Ireland) - May 2012



Cinematical - John Gholson (March 2010)

Moviefone - Peter Hall
(March 2010)

All Things Horror - Mike Snoonian (May 2010)

Sueurs Froides - Alexandre Thevenot (January 2011)

Char Hardin (July 2011)

Sueurs Froides (solo review) - Alexandre Thevenot (September 2011)